Our organization is a service organization and we are structured around three (3) commissions:  Spirituality, Leadership, and Service.  The work of the Council is done through these commissions. 

Each commission, under the direction of a national commission chair, works to support and enhance activity at all rings of Council, educates about issues of concern to Catholic women, and empowers women to respond in faith and with justice and compassion.

The NCCW commission system is based on the Second Vatican Council's Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity and understanding the nature of baptism and confirmation:

"Through baptism and confirmation the laity "are commissioned to be apostles by the Lord Himself."

Commission work provides the opportunity for women without any prior organizational experience to develop confidence, organizational competence, sensitivity to the needs of others, and opportunities to know and use the resources of the church and society.

Spirituality Commission - Chair:  Marie Fiske -  
The aim of the Spirituality Commission is to create a community that is educated and dynamic. Catholic women called to discipleship and holiness respond with personal witness and service to the Church and to the world. The commission work reinforces faith and assists in meaningful ecumenical dialogue. It offers means to enhance public and private prayer, promotes sound liturgical practice that is sensitive to the cultural diversity of the church, and provides resources for spiritual nourishment and development of the faith community.

This commission also has a Legislation Committee Chair Julie Drake - that encourages legislative advocacy among all members. Guided by Catholic Social Teaching, it assists women in understanding the legislative process, provides the skill to analyze current and proposed laws, and promotes activities that will bring about greater social and economic justice in our society at the local, state and national level.

Leadership Commission -  Chair:  Betty Bonicioli - 
The Leadership Commission provides organization development, opportunities for leadership training, public relations resources, and publications to assure the successful organization and management of Council and its programs. It serves to strengthen the leadership team at every ring of council.

Service Commission -  Chair:  Rose DiSalvo - 
The Service Commission has three parts: Family, Community and International. The aim of the commission is to support and enhance the importance of family life within the church and society. The commission works to assist families in achieving a truly Christian life, and to carry out its responsibilities within the Church, the civic community, and the world.

It also engages the members of NCCW and all people in working to address the needs and concerns of their individual communities. It is focused on action that affects the life, growth, productivity and well being of all people, especially women and children and the communities in which they live.

The Service Commission also promotes responsibility for the world community through the conviction that our wealth and resources must be shared with all peoples. In response to this call for global solidarity, the commission creates awareness and educates to the needs of women and children throughout the world. The commission encourages NCCW members to generously support the Works of Peace programs and the Works of Reconciliation implemented in partnership with Catholic Relief Services.






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